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The company D.S. stone work has been active in the Algarve since October 2018.
Originated from three decades of craftsmanship in Germany, the company presented itself for the first time at the BLIP 2018.
The customers were enthusiastic about the professional and professional knowledge of the company when it comes to home renovation.

Owner Dirk Sill has been active in the construction business since 1982. After his training as a bricklayer, he worked for many years in building construction, also expanded his knowledge in civil engineering / horticulture. He has been self-employed since 1992 and serves around 100 clients per year with his team.

After a burnout in 2013, Mr. Sill has approached his job more prudently, delegated more tasks and taken more breaks (vacation)
indulged and discovered, more by accident, the love of Portugal.

After many vacation visits, the circle of friends in and around Portimao has grown rapidly. Many friendly homeowners repeatedly asked Mr. Sill to provide his expertise in the construction sector, also here in the Algarve.
In 2018 it was finally time. After a long and intensive preliminary planning discussions with Afpop regarding the BLIP were held and finally a participation was assured.

In Germany, the parent company “D.S. steinwerk “specializes in the rehabilitation of stone joints. Weed-free stone joints, renovations of cement-bound stone surfaces, as well as the creation of new stone surfaces such as terraces, driveways are the main business of the company. With more than 32,000 sqm of renovated stone surfaces, the company D.S. Stone factory leader in Germany.

In Portugal, D.S. stone work a renonce on the orders.
“Back to the Roots” is the motto for 2019. Many customers in the Algarve have problems with the construction quality. The houses are in need of renovation over the years due to the salty sea air and the poor building materials.

Façades, balconies and terraces are cracked because the constructions are too weak or different building materials have been used which cause cracks due to their different expansion values.

Here the company D.S. stone work with its decades of experience in the field of renovation. With quality products rehabilitate the professional skilled workers of D.S. stone work your property.

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