Frequently asked questions

Many of our customers have questions. Here are some that are often asked. Maybe some of them will be there to answer.

Popular questions

How long does that last?

It depends on the ground and the right joint material. Meanwhile,
there is a corresponding joint material for each joint width and each kind of stone.

If properly chosen by a specialist company, the joint material will last 10-15 years and can then be reworked in places.

What products do you use?

Since 2004 we are a certified partner company with the company Romex in Euskirchen. Therefore, we are one of a few specialist companies in Germany who have more than 14 years of experience in processing with epoxy resin paving joint mortar.

Stone joints of 1-4 mm = hardening joint sand NP Stone joints larger than 4 mm = 1 or 2 components of epoxy resin grout.

Is that also possible with small joints?

Yes, with the high-strength hardening joint sand NP.

How long will the work take?

We require three working days with different working hours, depending on the size of the stone surfaces to be renovated.

On the first working day, the stone surface is thoroughly cleaned and sprayed with algae and moss remover. On the second working day, the cleaned stone joints are scraped out approx. 2-3 cm deep and sucked off. Subsequently, the weed-free joint material is expertly slurried. On the third working day a special long-term impregnation is applied to the dried stone surface.

How far are you driving?

We work within a radius of 50 km.

Do you come for smaller areas?

Yes, from an area of 10 sqm.

How long do you give warranty?

We give 3 years warranty for inpregnation and joints.